Bittrex International shuts down operations in 31 countries

American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has been on an expansion spree in 2019, but it’s now halting operations in 31 countries. The exchange announced that its international division would be shutting down operations in Venezuela, Egypt, Iraq, Botswana, Uganda and several other countries due to regulatory uncertainty. In a blog post announcing the shutdown, the exchange […]Read More

Malicious WordPress plugin can secretly mine crypto

Cybercriminals are now targeting WordPress websites using malicious plugins to plant cryptojacking malware. According to a new report, the plugins are also being used to give the attackers access to the compromised server. These plugins have been increasing over the past few months, probably as a result of their success. The report by website security […]Read More

Fake Tor browser has been stealing BTC for years: research

Privacy seeking users who turn to the renowned Tor browser have been the target of an extensive campaign by attackers who aim to steal their BTC. According to a report by We Live Security, the attackers have been using a trojanized version of the Tor browser to target Russian-speaking users. The attack has managed to […]Read More

Embattled Kik’s new owner announced

It was almost lights out for social messaging platform Kik after it decided to launch a cryptocurrency. The planned introduction of the Kin cryptocurrency caused the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to drop its hammer on the company, and the result was the company deciding to put all its resources into fighting the lawsuit. […]Read More

Bitfinex makes a bid to recover over $850M in frozen

The parent company of the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, iFinex, Inc., wants its money back. The company is embroiled in a lawsuit brought down by the New York attorney general as a result of a loan it received from Tether to cover more than $850 million that disappeared thanks to former partners, and is now going […]Read More

Telegram’s day in court postponed to February 2020

Telegram was set to take on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in court this Thursday, but it now looks like it’s going to have to wait. The SEC is suing the communications platform over its introduction of the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain and attached Gram cryptocurrency, arguing that it was an illegal […]Read More

Facebook Libra poses money laundering issue as FATF calls stablecoins

Stablecoins have recently fallen off their pedestal for several reasons. It hasn’t helped that Tether, the first major stablecoin project with its USDT token, has kept investors in the dark over its holdings and is facing lawsuits for changing its framework midstream. However, the thought of Facebook offering a stablecoin like Libra has really caused […]Read More

Pumpkin Lady Lazar still talking about Craig Wright, joins Twetch

If you thought the Pumpkin Lady, Angelina Lazar, was done with Bitcoin SV (BSV), then you’ve got another thing coming. Since finding some measure of fame with the BSV community, Lazar has kept up her interactions with those still in the frenzy of Pumpkin mania, even so far as to trying out BSV herself. Following […]Read More

Alex Fauvel talks identity management at CoinGeek Seoul

Identity management is a key issue in the blockchain world, central to a number of real-world applications of the technology. Alex Fauvel, general partner at TwoHop Ventures, took time out at the recent CoinGeek Conference in Seoul to address issues of identity management, and to discuss his plans for an on-chain solution that allows more […]Read More

Poloniex splitting from Circle, ending service for US customers

Americans are about to lose one of their cryptocurrency options, as Poloniex is exiting the market. Circle have announced the exchange is “spinning out” of their portfolio, to be run by a new company. The Circle twitter account broke the news on October 18, providing details of the massive change: 1/4: Today we’re announcing that […]Read More