Cool Hip Tech Brands Don’t Get Bitcoin, But Global Brands Do

“I talk to cool hip tech brands who are spending all this money on marketing right now,” says BitPay Chief Commercial Officer Sonny Singh. “All they have to do is accept bitcoin to get new customers. The whole crypto community, which has been valued as high as $800 Billion, would know about these brands. [They] would probably be doing about 5-10% of their online sales in bitcoin. And of that 5-10%, nearly 60% of those customers will be first-time customers.” 

Singh believes Bitcoin is the least expensive way for brands to acquire new customers quickly. 

“Yet, cool hip tech brands are the ones not doing it,” he says. “It boggles my mind when I talk to these mid-tier brands and they don’t even know about [bitcoin]. These are cool tech kids that are running these companies, backed by VCs. And they don’t even understand how Bitcoin works?”  

Global brands like Microsoft, NewEgg, ATT, Avnet, Dish Networks all accept Bitcoin, but very few silicon valley startups or technology unicorns do.  

“I get snail mail every day from new startups trying to get me to buy their sleeping mattresses or eye glasses when they could increase their sales dramatically by accepting Bitcoin,” he says. They’ll say they’re too busy or that they can’t hold bitcoin on their balance sheet. 

“And we tell them they don’t have to,” says Singh. “They can settle in US dollars the next day. It is still not interesting to them. They’re going to get [potentially millions] in new revenue per year. Do they care about that? Still, they say, it’s not a fit for them right now or they’re too busy.”

According to Singh, merchants tell BitPay – which processed over $1 billion-worth of cryptocurrency transactions in 2018 for the second year in a row – that 53% of their customers that spend with bitcoin are new customers. Since you’re not spending much money to acquire these customers, the customer acquisition cost is, therefore, relatively low. And growing companies need revenue the most. But, while they might pay millions of dollars for an advertisement, they won’t implement Bitcoin and court its community.

“If you want to go after a community that is 18-45, affluent, 80% male, then the quickest way to do that [for those companies] is to accept Bitcoin,” says Singh.

When compared with credit cards, BitPay offers real savings. Accepting Bitcoin through BitPay costs 1% and is cheaper than a credit card by about 4%. There is no chargeback exposure. Merchants pay 2.75% through Stripe with a  2% chargeback risk on top of that. “You can make 4% margin on every product you sell Bitcoin versus credit cards,” says Singh. 

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